Mark Dain So is a really interesting idea; scrape PasteBin and others for compromised accounts and accidental database leaks. I'm thinking of grepping the links as they come in and using Pushover to alert me if my email or password shows up in any of the logs. Seems like a fun project over the weekend, although a little difficult to test.
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Martijn You can subscribe to Troy Hunt's and have it watch out for your email address (or even your domain name). In face, that service is already importing pastes via Dump Monitor:
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Mark Dain That's cool, I didn't know that service existed. I'd like to scan for other data too though like IP addresses, AWS keys, fragments of source code, etc... I'm still writing the program, mostly as a learning experience, and so I don't need to share my email address.
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John Olinda Oh I'm sure you could find some folks over at 4chan who would help you test it.
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