Mark Dain If you had an infinite number of drives backing/storing up your data, you'd have an infinite amount of space but a finite amount of data, right?
Martijn Just don't think about infinity too much. Things so big they might seem infinite never really are, so what would an infinite amount of storage space even mean? It's like the description of space I heard once: space isn't infinite, it stops somewhere, if you take a spaceship and travel all the way to the end you will reach nothing/something. If you keep travelling, because 'space' is defined as 'everything' you will become the edge of space yourself. Wish I remember where I heard this. The more scientific argument says that since we have verified space to be expanding, it has to be finite.
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Mark Dain I try not to as it messes with my mind a lot. Infinity is pretty big. Of course Infinity+1 is even bigger...
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Martijn Talking of Infinity + 1, a good mind-fuck is the question wether Infinity is an even or odd number. I bumped into that when I was working on a parity function. See this discussion: math.stackexchange...
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