Mark Dain I won't have intenet in my house for about a week. On top of that I can't tether due to a very weak signal. You think I'd be able to play Bejeweled but Origin demands to be logged in. Fuck DRM.
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Dongsung Kim Irritating. I hate DRMs, well, to be fair, badly-designed DRMs. I was playing WATCH_DOGS single player on PS4 the other day, and the game started freezing as soon as a warning sign popped up saying the connection to Ubisoft had been lost. It kept freezing and un-freezing again and again, until I realized the local IP was colliding with other devices.
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Mark Dain What makes this more annoying is Bejeweled is a *free* game. Seriously... Why even bother? I can half understand DRM on a big budget game but Bejeweled?
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