Mark Dain My train is delayed because someone was trespassing on the line. Why do people do this sort of stuff?
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Eric A cat was on the line this morning. That little shit makes me so nervous every time. Always scampers off as the train approaches thankfully. Had to scare him a few times to get him to gtfo the rails and back home!
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Mark Dain I'd be so worried he walks on the power line and gets fried
9y, 26w 2 replies
🦿 Lucian Marin Because they can. I know this is one of the answers that can get you angry, but it isn't less true. It's in our nature to push the limits as far as we can.
9y, 26w 1 reply
Mark Dain It turns out it was an autistic child. Am I allowed to still be angry?
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