Mark Dain Seems like every day I'm waiting for a train that's delayed or cancelled. Maybe I should just learn how to drive instead...
Eric Which company are you reliant upon? Southern have a pretty good record for me.
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Mark Dain Southern and First Capital Connect (I have to change trains a half way trough my commute). Both are really unreliable.
7y, 42w 2 replies
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Eric A change? My deepest sympathies. Thankfully I've only got a one-train trip.
7y, 42w 1 reply
Mark Dain Changes aren't so bad but you eventually get sick of hearing the train has been delayed/cancelled at both stations. Actually today I saw on the station the incoming train wasn't going to stop (so stand clear). The train then stopped. I just see the service being so unreliable, it seems the companies involved don't know what they're doing.
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