Mark Dain Just trying out Sublevel. I love the idea of a social network that doesn't need JavaScript.
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D2 I don't see the point in hating JavaScript, but well yeah its cool!
9y, 33w 2 replies
Mark Dain Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; busy week. I don't "hate" JavaScript, I hate people using it when it's clearly not required. Sublevel could do with a tiny bit of Ajax here and there but I reckon most websites don't even need JavaScript. It seems to just be used to hijack scrollbars and do other useless shit half the time but disabling it won't display the text. Nobody makes a nice fallback because their UX (hijacked scrollbar) is far nicer than just using the browser's scrollbar. </rant>
9y, 33w 1 reply
Eric It is very smooth, so fast. I only signed up today, thinking I'll be sticking with it. Welcome aboard!
9y, 37w 1 reply
Mark Dain Hi! Yeah, I'm very surprised at how quick this site is to load. It's really clean.
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