🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin I'm not giving up on Sublevel even if I'm the only user. I think it's gonna be great since web tech will evolve and I'll adopt everything that works. Let's see if I can bring editing...
Mark Dain The constant change *is what killed* Sublevel. Nobody could rely on features being available as they kept being pulled or changed so frequently -- messages, API, images. Even when I was away, there's posts about the "chat UI" being gone? If you want to retain users, perhaps do these experiments on a subdomain, and ask for people's feedback? Involve the community because *we care* about this product; changes affect us.
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🤔 John I think the shuffling of domains was more jarring than feature changes. I think I got a glimpse of the reasoning behind it, and briefly used both sites, but it did slow me down from re-engaging until things seemed more stable.
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🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin Every product or service sees changes, but the core of Sublevel remained the same. I won't introduce any new product features, just polish how it works today.
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Paul Webb Of course changes happen but to the extent Sublevel changed in a month span? I haven't seen that since Classface.
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