Paul Webb Has anyone tried the new Firefox? It's friggin' amazing. Like, I'll switch to it tmrw from Vivaldi good. Obviously, it's still in beta so some things need fixing but I'm liking it a lot.
Mark Dain Firefox Quantum [?]. I've been using the nightly builds for some time, it's renewed so much hope I had for Firefox beating the "but Chrome is faster" myth - it only feels faster. Mozilla overhauled the UI to be just as slick. I can't wait to see Firefox in 2018 now they're working on "HolyJit" which is a new JS engine, which, just like Stylo, is written in Rust! Safer and faster than Chrome in the long run, that's my bet.
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Paul Webb I really want an Electron version of HolyJit. Slack is TERRIBLE on desktop and I suspect it's a mix of poor coding and Electron's Chromium overhead.
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Mark Dain Before Electron we had XULRunner, so websites-as-an-application running on Mozilla code could make a comeback. I'd be willing to bet Servo+Stylo+HolyJit would be much better than Electron. You know, it's funny that Atom is slowly rewriting performance sensitive parts in C++ so maybe this whole trend will just go away eventually?
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