🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin Apple removed telnet from High Sierra. I used it to connect to memcached. Apple is really going downhill. Should I get an average PC and install Linux?
Mark Dain I *really* hope that memcached instance was on your local network. Telnet isn't encrypted and anything data sent is open for people to see. Apple also removed PPP based VPNs because they have ancient and broken encryption & authentication. Similar effort: App Transport Security. You just shouldn't be using Telnet, rather SSH if you can - that's what they're thinking. If you absolutely need it, you could SSH in and use Telnet on It's probably also available on Homebrew. Apple isn't going downhill, they're discouraging insecure practices
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🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin It's on localhost. But with telnet you can issue commands and keep result history. It can be replaced with nc, but you have to use echo. Anyway, it's not a big deal. But I still don't trust Apple with APFS. I will skip High Sierra unless I buy a new MacBook Pro.
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Mark Dain Oh 100% -- I've heard multiple APFS horror stories, like encrypting an HFS+ volume but High Sierra transparently changed it to APFS (no warning or indication). Disabling encryption didn't revert it back to HFS+ which can't be done as far as I know, so now the volume is unreadable in earlier Macs. There's also Unicode issues with low level usage as normalization is now done higher than filesystem level.
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