Mark Dain I wonder if the tactic of the TV License people is to continue to harass those who legitimately don't need a license just so they will pay to enjoy the silence. Leave me alone.
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Nkrs Here it is included as a tax in the electric bill. Despite this, the national TV still has 15 minutes of ads per hour and the shows and films they make are terrible, which I think is the major difference with BBC.
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Martijn I know some people in Sweden complained over here as well. At some point (maybe still?) you would pay per screen rather than per TV. Have a computer? Pay up!
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Eric Their letters are deliberately over aggressive and threatening. Just ignore them, everything on them is fake (even the names and figures). Is a brilliant site, the guy has archived every letter he's got from them. You can see how the automated system loops round. The pages explaining the finer points are pretty funny too (e.g. The fictional authors of the letters and ever changing signatures). The most amusing part is the bbc's scramble to buy up the other domains similar to his.
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Mark Dain Wow, thanks for that link - seems like a load of bullshit. I'm not paying for a license I don't need. I've always said "don't need one" and they've theatended an investigation but it never goes further. I'm wondering - do they even knock on your door? I don't want people coming in
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