Mark Dain : What happened to the block functionality? There's a troll that I want to block, is it still possible to do (link removed) or has all the code been deleted?
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💬 Subreply Block option is on the other profile pages.
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☕ David Antoine Close (or roll) your eyes, don't look at his posts or put a sticker on your screen but you will have to move it every time you scroll the webpage :) Bad joke aside, I don't even remember having seen the option somewhere... Was it on the profile page of each users ? Would be nice to have that back. Along with a mute option maybe... I would also root for the possibility to set the visibility/privacy of our posts "public" or "sublevel" (logged-in users) only. But I don't how heavy it is backend wise to do that...
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Mark Dain We used to have a block option a long time ago, unless I'm misremembering. The link it used to occupy now is for sending private messages.
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