Mark Dain Should I give up on my dream of moving to America? I've been trying for years on end to find a way to move, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm wasting my time. I don't know how to do it. I fail every interview and every other opportunity I see doesn't work for me. For example, you can enlist in the army to become a citizen but you need a green card to do that first. Can't get a green card until, most likely, I have a visa. Can't get a visa until I, most likely, become very rich or get hired. Every opportunity I try to look at doesn't work. What should I do, Sublevel?
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Sojourner I don't want to be a wet blanket, but the way things are going here, you may be very glad not to get in.
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Mark Dain Can you elaborate on "the way things are going"? I've never been worried about the current administration. It seems nobody ever asks me how I feel, they just assert I'll be making a mistake if I move as they don't like the president. I can't change what my dream is, all I can do is either ignore/suppress it and feel unauthentic and miserable or fight to accomplish it and at the very least be glad I tried.
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🤔 John So many companies are absolutely sociopathic now, and unfortunately US immigration policy is not going to be simple for the next few years. If you really want to move the the USA, I can only recommend continuing to apply for jobs but without investing too much emotional energy into any one. Otherwise, what aspects of the US attract you? I'm quite happy (although still jobless) in Holland.
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Mark Dain Yeah, I may need a degree and more certifications before I get hired. I'll just keep trying. I've considered other countries but I can't find any that tick the same boxes the US does. e.g. citizens are able to own firearms most likely due to the importance placed on independence & freedom. I also love the wide open spaces, everyone is friendly, the culture (e.g. country music) makes me happy. I love the (male) accents. I feel connected and proud of the country and that's why I visit as often as I can. My sister lives in Australia, I might try to visit for Christmas and see if it's an option to live there. Alternatively, Canada?
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👽 Paul Webb WTF kind of interviews do you have to do? I don't understand the process but it seems crazy that your interviews always fail.
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Mark Dain I mean I'll have several good interviews, everyone is happy, then they just stop talking to me. I've never actually be turned down, just silence. Without feedback, it's almost impossible to tell what they aren't happy about or what I can do. Surely they could say something like "sorry we can't provide a visa because you aren't eligible for any". Maybe they just don't like me and can't say "we won't hire you because you're an asshole"?
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