Mark Dain So the company in Texas has gone quiet :( looks like I won't be moving anytime soon. As for my current day job, I've just finished writing the Linux installer and within the next few weeks, I'm hoping to start moving our deployments over to Linux.
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Eric Agree with one week isn't a long time
6y, 47w reply
😀 Tom Be careful about sending follow-up emails. Eagerness is apparently looked down on here.
6y, 47w 1 reply
Mark Dain Yeah, I don't want to nag them. I had a call with the developers and at the end, they said they'd talk to <the guy in charge of hiring> and if I hadn't heard anything to send an email in a week's time. Other than that, I haven't said anything
6y, 47w reply
🤔 John 1 week isn't so long to go quiet though... I've been hired after several weeks of silence in the past.
6y, 47w 4 replies
Mark Dain Thanks, that's reassuring! Perhaps they're just thinking it over?
6y, 47w 3 replies
🦿 Lucian Marin Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can try to build a small app in Silex and show them your code. Or send a patch to Silex itself.
6y, 47w reply