Mark Dain "WhatsApp must be accessible to intelligence services" it continues to amaze, terrify, and infuriate me that people who clearly do not understand end-to-end crypto or open source are creating impossible and useless laws that won't stop terrorism but rather contribute to the erosion of important personal liberties such as privacy.
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☕ David Antoine WhatsApp being owned by Facebook is certainly not helping in that case. As usual those terrorists are systematically known by intelligence communities and still, they operate freely and do whatever attacks they want. But no, cryptography is the problem, to then say privacy is the problem. WhatsApp is just an excuse. Is intelligence only valuable by hacking phone ? What about real spies working on the field. What if those terrorists decide to only communicate meeting each other or exchanging paper notes ? Then you need competent field agents, not hacking everybody. Politics don't fight terrorists, they use them attack our liberties.
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Mark Dain ^^ fucking this!
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