Mark Dain Hacker News, Sublevel, and Pinboard are detox in a world full of bloated JavaScript heavy websites. Very glad to be using what feels like the web equivalent of coreutils; light, fast, do one thing - do it well
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👽 Paul Webb Hmm, I was going to add a super fancy design to when I launch V2 but I do like how quick the sites you've listed load. In any event, this will force me to be more creative in how I satisfy my design side.
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🦿 Lucian Marin I can add a few more: Designer News, FlickSurfer, Lobsters,, Designspiration, Ffffound and why not, Unsplash.
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😀 Tom I too like using non-bloated sites. I'm going to have to reexamine Pinboard as well as check out MetaFilter. I'm still open to finding more sites like these if anyone knows any. Perhaps that could be a site too (if anyone's looking for a project); a site that catalogs other non-bloated sites, and/or sites that use membership fees rather than advertising.
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Mark Dain I'd be interested in that site, I like membership over advertising too
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