Mark Dain -- It's live! I only have 1 blog post up so far and my platform can't take comments just yet (but the DB structures are in place for it). But I finally have a website again.
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😀 Tom Looks good! While I agree too, the third paragraph under Interests might make it harder to get a job, even in someplace like Texas.
Mark Dain Hmm, I rewrote that section a few times to water it down but perhaps it ought to be removed completely. Do employers check Facebook these days? I hear about it but I'm not sure how common it is. I ask as I've liked the NRA page, for instance.
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🦿 Lucian Marin What database are you using? It seems slow to me. I get 600ms in Chrome's Network tab.
Mark Dain I don't think it's the database (pages outside /blog never make DB calls). It's likely my hosting provider; for this website I was experimenting with who I'm not sure I'll carry on using. I may switch to Linode, especially now as they have a $5 plan. I'm not even sure what country the server is in... If you're finding pages in /blog to be slow, I'm using MariaDB 10 (fork of MySQL, I think the 5.5 version)