Mark Dain "This course is for experienced C programmers who want to program in C++" -- are there lots C programmers who don't know C++? I'm wondering if I can take this course ( ) to learn C++? I'm finding it very hard to learn C++ and there seems to be very few courses online. You can find so many for Java, Ruby, Python and so on but none for C++.
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Nkrs FWIW, I've given up on learning C++ long ago. We had a systems programming course in secondary school where we learned C and a bit of C++ and assembly. We mostly did simple algorithms and functions in C which were fairly easy to catch up on, especially since I was learning Java in parallel. When we got to C++, we learned how to make classes and use some of the C++ libraries, but that was it. Our professor told us that learning anything beyond that was more than necessary for making simple programs, and when I think about it, he was right for the most part. You should take that course, the syllabus looks interesting.
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