Mark Dain I've not had IPv6 working since November 2016 and that's now 2 routers I've gone through trying to find one that fucking works properly. I can't afford to replace the DrayTek router that just worked and the 2 replacements I've tried, one does not have IPv6 support and the other is impossible to configure. Honestly, fuck it. I just don't care anymore. IPv6 is too hard to configure.
👽 Paul Webb That sucks! Hopefully 2017 will bring about improvements either to the spec, IPv6 routers, or both.
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Mark Dain As far as I know, the standard is fine but there's so much software that simply doesn't work properly. The router I'm using right now doesn't even have IPv6 enabled out of the box, you have to go on SSH and enable it. Contrast to the quick setup wizard that'll configure IPv4+PPPoE for you. IPv6 feels a lot like Linux; you simply cannot get anywhere without a terminal/shell, an IRC account, and a lot of patience. I've just run out of any enthusiasm at this point. It's just not bringing me any benefit for the amount of effort and money. Sorry to be so negative but IPv6 is never going to happen if it doesn't get easier.
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👽 Paul Webb Hmm, that's understandable. I thought we were going to run out of IP addresses soon, at least that's what videos promoting IPv6 made it sound like.
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Mark Dain We are (and have in some cases) run out of IPv4 addresses. Most free IPv4 addresses are held by ISPs and hosting providers and there's very few addresses that are freely available; they cost a lot of money. In some cases, compromises are being made. e.g. for a while, Azure VMs in the USA were assigned IP addresses that would appear to be from Mexico or Brazil as ARIN has run out of IPv4 addresses which means it's harder and more expensive to get an IPv4 address in the USA now. So long as there are lots of people still using IPv4, there will never be IPv6 only websites though, so there's really no rush to fix this for me.
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