Mark Dain define('AGE', 22); $birthdayWishes = 1; while ($birthdayWishes < AGE) { eatCake(); }
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Nkrs Happy birthday!
7y, 17w reply
😀 Tom Don't gain back the weight you worked hard at losing! $birthdayWishes += 22; sendPresent();
7y, 17w 3 replies
Mark Dain Haha thanks! Although this year the cake seems to be a lie unless my family has something planned. Everyone's been very quiet (seriously I've only had 2 family members wish me happy birthday so far)
7y, 17w 2 replies
Martijn $birthdayWishes += 1;
7y, 17w 2 replies
Eric $birhdayWishes++; //surely..
7y, 17w 1 reply