Mark Dain Is it just me or is food packaging too confusing? The tub of margarine I have in the fridge says "25.12.16 03:21" which given there's a time stamp, I'd assume it's when it was created, but that would mean this butter is from the future. If it's an expiry date, why is it so precise as to give me the time in minutes?
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Eric It's an expiry date, with something which perishes so quickly hours are worth counting in. Best throw the minutes in there too so that its recognisable as a time.
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Mark Dain Thanks, good to know my butter from the future expires at 3 AM.
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☕ David Antoine That's interesting... To make an educated guess, I'd say they have set the expiry date to be 'current date and time + 10 days' for the printing without bothering to remove the original time info. Stranger Things... Pun intended, that's another nice TV show to watch :)
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