☕ David Antoine Can some of you devs explain me that : "LibClamAV Error: cli_scangpt: could not detemine sector size" ? My El Capitan partition is encrypted, could that be the reason why ? It's not really a problem though, the scanning took place normally with a result report at the end... I could not find any clear answer searching the internet, except this : unix.stackexchange.... I'll will with try with --max-filesize=4000M and maybe --bytecode-timeout=10000 as I got a timeout error as well. Just to check but it's not really catastrophic as it works.
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Mark Dain I'd suspect it's because of encryption because the error is in "scangpt". GPT is used to record what files & directories you have on the disk and it's possible there's no API to read this data unencrypted (except for macOS itself or the filesystem driver). Whereas you can always read files in an unencrypted format.
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