Mark Dain ancarda.blob.core.... SECRETARY WANTED. Minimum wage. Part time. No benefits. I'm apparently unable to handle the number of emails I receive these days. Experience with PGP ideal.
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🦾 Lucian Marin I have 564 unread emails, a bit less than you. I couple of filters in Gmail will get me to zero, but I'm lazy to do that.
7y, 12w reply
Martijn Send along your IMAP auth information and I'll start purging
7y, 12w 6 replies
😀 Tom Have you ever wanted to lead a minimalist lifestyle? Give me the keys to your home and I can make your dream come true :-)
7y, 12w 5 replies
😀 Tom Are they mostly newsletters or something?
7y, 12w 3 replies
Mark Dain Yeah, there's also a lot of notifications. Won't take too long to clean up but I swear I'm getting too much mail these days. Perhaps I can make some filters.
7y, 12w 2 replies