Mark Dain ancarda.blob.core.... SECRETARY WANTED. Minimum wage. Part time. No benefits. I'm apparently unable to handle the number of emails I receive these days. Experience with PGP ideal.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I have 564 unread emails, a bit less than you. I couple of filters in Gmail will get me to zero, but I'm lazy to do that.
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Martijn Send along your IMAP auth information and I'll start purging
😀 Tom Have you ever wanted to lead a minimalist lifestyle? Give me the keys to your home and I can make your dream come true :-)
😀 Tom Are they mostly newsletters or something?
Mark Dain Yeah, there's also a lot of notifications. Won't take too long to clean up but I swear I'm getting too much mail these days. Perhaps I can make some filters.