Mark Dain MAN VS MACHINE! Windows 10 is installed!
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Eric Still dislike it, my latest thing to whine about is the volume/music control overlay which appears when I use my laptops hotkeys, if I move my mouse over them they persist for a frustratingly long time. The overlay appears to the top left (right over the Chrome Tabs & where my Taskbar is set) so waiting for it to fuck off is very very annoying when you need to click something under it.
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Mark Dain Yeah there's some things that annoy me but I got it for #22946 -- I'm getting back into Windows development and I'd also like to learn a bit more about Linux development, including building a GUI (probably with Qt or GTK)
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Xasasfdasfd ElementaryOS was a really easy install on my older MBP, by the way. Didn't try it under Boot Camp, though, just right down to the bare metal.
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Mark Dain Boot Camp is only for Windows. I was previously running elementaryOS on my MacBook Air. I just switched to Windows so I can do some development (see #22946)
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John Olinda My 2009 MBP had a fit when I tried to run Elementary on it. What year is yours?
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Nkrs But is it any good?
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Mark Dain With Boot Camp, yeah it's actually really nice! The bundle drivers and you can setup two finger scrolling and so on... I just installed Visual Studio community edition. I can't say how the experience is until I've tried it a bit longer. It's worth pointing out I use Windows Server at work every day and Windows 10 on my gaming PC so I'm well versed in Windows.
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☕ David Antoine That was painful... Congrats ! :)
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