Mark Dain Apparently I'm something like 10,000 in line to join -- seems like this week's hot new social network. Here's to freedom of speech & no censorship! It'll probably fizzle out though like Ello did
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Paul Khris who's Ello?
5y, 25w 1 reply
Mark Dain Ello is a social network:
5y, 25w reply
Simon Janes tells me nothing of where they're incorporated and how exactly they're going to guarantee no censorship; that usually is a challenge for the Internet to overcome.
5y, 26w 1 reply
Mark Dain Reading the terms of service and community guidelines, I'd guess USA. They follow DMCA and ban terrorism (as defined by the US government). As for garaunteeing, well that's more tricky. The fact you have to login to see anyone's posts is possibly one way to do this. It's harder to argue the site should take some content down when it's behind a login.
5y, 26w reply
☕ David Antoine I'll try that thing out of curiosity... I got number 13,000 and something (I deleted the mail, don't remember the exact rank...)
5y, 26w reply
Martijn Very few networks are truly censorious, so I am not sure if it is a good pitch. I've also seen better privacy policies. The anti-harassment tools do sound interesting though. And I agree with the sentiment of letting people chose what they wish to see and what not.
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😀 Tom Peoppe still use Ello though, right? I signed up for POTUS on Ello, and every so often I get mentioned :-)
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