Mark Dain As for my phone, I ordered an upgrade over a month ago to the iPhone 7 but it hasn't arrived yet. My carrier told me I can cancel the upgrade and I'm considering doing that. The fact is nowadays we have hardware and software UX that's approaching Apple's quality from other vendors that are more open. I still think it's too early to switch to Linux but I can see in 5-10 years, the UX will be there; consider the work the GNOME 3 and Elementary teams are doing. Google Pixel looks beautiful. Dell XPS 15 has everything I want from a MacBook Pro; Thunderbolt, 4K display, backlit keyboard...
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🏒 Lucian Marin Maybe Sony will bring back the VAIO X505 running Fedora... I just wish.
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John Olinda What do you think of Jolla and Sailfish OS?
Mark Dain From a quick look it seems like it can run Android apps which is great; I was a big fan of Firefox OS in the day but that unfortunately didn't go anywhere probably due to the lack of apps. I'd have to have a longer look at features, security, etc... before I commit to anything. I'd guess the Jolla is the only phone that runs Sailfish today? Also not a fan of this jab: "a true independent alternative to the existing US-based mobile operating systems." -- being made in Finland (or China/Russia?) doesn't automatically make it more open. It's easy to misinterpret that sentence.
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