Mark Dain So Wendy's burgers taste about as sketchy as the place looks which is saying something as there were flies everywhere when I went in. So I'm given my sandwich and drink, I say "thank you ma'am" and she just goes "yep". Far too much enthusiasm and will to live!
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😀 Tom Yeah, Whataburger is the fast food chain of choice in Texas. I haven't been to many Wendy's, but that's pretty bad. If you're up to it, write them an email.
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Simon Janes Franchise places like that are only good as the management and culture of those working there. There are good X and bad X everywhere. A nice big messy burger might be better from Five Guys
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Mark Dain Yeah, it's possible Wendy's at other places is better. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give Five Guys a go later this week but I found Whataburger to be so tasty by comparison that I'm tempted to just go there whenever I want a burger
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