Mark Dain I'm working on a travel blog / photo sharing site for my holiday in October. The design looks pretty nice so far: I'm also looking into the Twitter API again as I think I can have it auto-post there. I have a Slack web hook too so that just leaves Facebook and Sublevel. The Facebook API looks crazy complicated and last I knew Lucian was working on a new API for Sublevel so I think I'll manually post to those two.
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Nkrs Good job on the design, it looks very nice and clean.
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Martijn I've also been looking at the Facebook API. I just need an API hook to post my text to. But no, they have to go and make it complicated again.
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Mark Dain Twitter's API is a bit complicated too. I got stuck on building the HMAC-SHA1 signature. It took me 3 hours to roll a working post_to_twitter() function. At-least with Twitter you can generate OAuth keys on the dashboard so you don't need to do an actual OAuth handshake to get working keys. Facebook don't do that and it seems the app needs to be approved as well. I just want an endpoint to hit to post my photos to. I have that for Slack and Twitter so far.
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