Eric Throughout my entire house & garden on almost the entire Shortwave spectrum I'm getting intermittent but uniform in sound beeps & boops on my mini handheld receiver. Either a hardware fault or something more curious. Will be investigating with the computerised monitoring soon!
Mark Dain Would a hardware fault be able to create uniform noises like that? And it sounds like there's also a pattern; Beep could be 0 and boop could be 1 at a constant rate... I'm just saying this could be a secret Illuminati control signal. Start recording it, I've already got Alex Jones on the line, we'll leak this shit all over the web. Shut em down. Nobody interferes with the radio waves over Eric's house
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Eric Bwhahaha too but I think this might be the local taxi firms blasting on a bad setup. The noises sounded awful similar to the begin/end data calls of their digital broadcasts I picked up before. Just these are super frequent which is strange. Illuminati for sure. HOLY SHIT as I typed that last sentence my backdoor fuckin shook. Home alone. What the fuck.
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