Mark Dain Finally got round to learning, it's really nice, I like it
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Nkrs That "use" statement on the front page looks very Java-esque. Otherwise, it looks neat.
7y, 35w 1 reply
Mark Dain That's just to make the code more readable as Request and Response are buried in another namespace. Yeah, it's the nicest framework I've worked with so far. I found it really hard to learn Laravel for instance as there's a lot of concepts to grasp.
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Martijn I am using that for my latest project as well. Took a bit to get my head around Middleware but I like it.
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Mark Dain Yeah, middleware rocks. I wrote a handler for the Authorization HTTP header which is surprisingly quite long (almost 100 lines). It's so nice every endpoint that needs protecting can do so via a group. How awesome is that! I also like the container system, so my DB connection is something like $this->get('db') rather than pulling something in via global.
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