Mark Dain I really love how McJuggerNuggets has basically created a new series around this "lawsuit" with Brian. It's pretty clear it's fake but all I can say is well done Jessie -- You fooled me yet again!
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Martijn Is it a big miss on my part that I have no idea who these people are?
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Mark Dain McJuggerNuggets (Jesse Ridgway) is a YouTuber. He spent years doing "The Psycho Series" which documented his crazy dad breaking his stuff. I only came across the channel a few weeks ago (right before it ended) and I've just been hooked ever since. The series just ended and he admitted it's fake. There's a guy called Brian Schmitz (youtuber24) who is doing a documentary series on The Psycho Series. The short of that is they (Jesse & Brian) had a contract to not release any Behind The Scenes content until the documentary is out, however Jesse started and now Brian is suing him for breach of contract. It's probably a fake series again.
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