Mark Dain The next iPhone needs to have wireless charging. The number of times I've left my phone sitting on my desk not plugged in makes me think I could probably go without never charging again, not even overnight.
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🐞 Lucian Marin 2017 iPhone will be a good candidate for wireless charging. You can't have wireless charging in a metal enclosure. Anyway, I'll rather have really fast charging. I charge my iPhone 4S right after I wake up. It gets to ~95% from ~45% in almost one hour.
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Mark Dain I didn't know you had an iPhone 4S. I forgot to mention that I got an iPhone SE for work (dedicated development device) a few weeks ago. It's been absolutely fine for me. Perhaps the one you bought was badly put together or something?
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Lucas Nicodemus I believe consensus agrees that keeping your phone on your desk not plugged in when it doesn't need to be is good for battery longevity. That being said, it would be neat if a charging pad thing automatically determined "hey, I should stop charging now because it'll ruin the battery, so I'll keep it at 92% instead of 100%."
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Mark Dain I've heard that batteries no longer suffer from overcharging so it may not be an issue anymore. I really wouldn't be surprised if there's some tiny chip/microprocessor in the battery that regulates power intake. There's actually a 16MHz 16-bit microprocessor inside MacBook chargers ( which I found interesting
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