Mark Dain Due to train problems I'm working from home all week!
Eric Will you enjoy it? I began to loathe working from home when I did.
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Mark Dain I've only worked from home I think 3 times. The last time I hated it but only because during the, maybe half a year, between the last time I WFH, we had implemented IPv6 on all servers but our firewalls and IP restrictions were only setup for IPv4 so it was a pain in the ass to get access to everything. I ended up turning off IPv6 on my work laptop. I hope this week to fix some of those problems. One issue is MySQL seems to not be able to do subnets, so I can't do root@[my:subnet/64] that simply doesn't work :( meaning I had to change over 100 servers on Sequel Pro to just be the hard coded IPv4 address.
7y, 37w reply
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