Mark Dain Is it just me or has it been hotter in the night than the day lately? Tonight I'm finding it impossible to sleep due to the heat. I've got the windows and curtains are open and I'm not wearing any clothes. Yet I still can't fall asleep! Btw, I'm sleeping under a paper thin flag so I have something covering my parts lol. Perhaps it's time to invest in a small air conditioning unit? Or possibly put bowls of ice + salt in front of fans (which is somewhat effective; I used that technique a few years ago)
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Eric It's been so nice to stay up in but ghastly to go to bed to. Typing this at 4:41am after waking from the heat. I've had the unpleasant and unusual of experience of moving to a house with no curtains or blinds (yet) so I've been unable to comfortably uncover at all waste down for fear the street will witness me lmao. Exactly street level with bay windows, great room, just not for tonight.
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Mark Dain Oh man that sucks. Yeah I got very little sleep tonight as well. I also tried buying ice cube trays or even just bagged ice. Tesco was completely sold out. If you can get some ice, fill 2 large cups (pint is ideal) or large bowl. Then pour tons of salt on top and put it on a tray (condensation) in front of a fan. The fast melting ice is then blown around rather than just warm air. It needs salt as without it, the ice melts too slowly to cool the surrounding air.
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