Mark Dain I'm getting tempted to pay someone to build this gallery I want for my upcoming holiday. Despite trying several times, I simply don't have the energy to write code. I'd much rather fix/rewrite existing code (basically all I do at work). Am I going mad or something? I just can't write code at home anymore.
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Martijn Well, if you are looking to pay someone... I still have a LEGO Sydney Opera House I want to buy
7y, 44w reply
Eric Perhaps you're not as enthusiastic about it as you might want to be. Personal projects require real oomph to get going sometimes.
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Mark Dain I think you're right. I could always put my photos on Facebook, so why do I need my own gallery software? Not to mention it was originally a module of my cloud platform; a *year long* timesink that turned out to be worth almost nothing -- I barely learned or accomplished anything and I think I ended up burned out from it.
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