Mark Dain My understanding of AmazonBasics was always cheap, reliable, trustworthy home office equipment; being that they started with cables, PC peripherals, shredders, etc... I have several of there things and can vouch it's good stuff. I just found out today they've been quietly expanding the range. You can now get an Amazon made Blender: Mattress: Kettle: Towels: I could go on... It seems Amazon is trying to not just sell everything to you but also make. I like it!
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😀 Tom I can't fault Amazon, but apparently they find successful products and make a generic version of it, undercut it on the price, and take sales away from the original company. That's business, but it's kind of a crappy thing to do. news.ycombinator.c...
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Mark Dain Amazon is building every day items like kettles and blenders where there's virtually no loyalty but a lot of competing products with varying levels of trust. I would always buy those items from Amazon as they are a brand I trust. To contrast, Amazon Basics also sells In-Ear headphones but I'd never buy those as I have brands I trust like Apple and Sennheiser I can turn to. Idk, maybe it's shady but I cannot fault their stuff; it's genuinely high quality and always comes with next day delivery, tracking and frustration free packaging; which I absolutely love.
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