Mark Dain [2/2] I was there for a few hours and having such a nice time that I ended up leaving far too late. I caught the second-to-last London Victoria to Brighton train (there were none going to Eastbourne by that time). I got into Brighton just after midnight so there were no trains for me to catch from there so I was forced to get a taxi costing PS70 to get home! As I was getting into the taxi I saw the arrivals board, the very last London Victoria train for 1 AM was *cancelled* (due to lack of staff). If I left 5 minutes later I would have gotten stuck in London rather than Brighton. So glad I didn't get that fucked over.
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Eric The taxis here in Brighton are absolute rip-offs. I try and avoid them completely. Thank goodness you caught that train though! The issue of the trains is slowly starting to be raised in Government on a national level, pretty sure it was mentioned in PMQs the other day, it also got a fair going over on Radio 4s various political programmes. But with all the Brexit turmoil going on I'll doubt we'll see any progress soon
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Mark Dain Yeah the trains are so messed up nowadays I schedule my life to expect a 2 hour train journey after work (also, 24 hour Gym!) as it's in theory a 1 hour ride but nowadays reliably takes an hour and a half. Honestly, it was refreshing to take The London Underground; trains every 2 minutes. Doors open/close automatically. Boarding time is like, 10-15 seconds. The train itself moves really fast too. I wish all trains were run more like that. I wanted to avoid The London Underground for the reputation it gets sometimes but actually, next time I visit I'll probably use it to get around as it was that enjoyable
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