Mark Dain I hope this was the right decision to make. One pressing question I have: what happens to anyone in the UK who doesn't hold citizenship?
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🦾 Lucian Marin It was the right thing to do for the future of EU. I believe this will make EU stronger and Great Britain will come to its senses eventually. I look forward to year 2020.
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Martijn If they are Europeans they will have to apply for right of stay. Currently they can live in the UK as a fellow European citizen, but that right will cease to be unless the UK keeps those rules in place. The same goes for Brits staying in other European countries. (Note that if they do keep those rights in place all "Eastern Europeans" will also be allowed to come and stay and the Leave campaign has a big part of their own borders argument come to nil.)
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Mark Dain I suspect that right will cease given that seems to be what Leave were voting for. However the common market requires free movement of labor (as far as I know) so we'd have to allow the thing we voted to get rid of to get the benefits of the common market :/
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Eric It was. We'll see.
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