Adam Douglas One day to the Brexit vote. The level of spin and indoctrination in both stay and leave has been utterly crazy. I fear for the UK, regardless of how the senseless public will vote. Democracy is a bad joke.
Mark Dain Isn't democracy just mob rule to an extent? Still, I'm not sure a better system exists. It seems some leave voters are doing it because they don't like immigration but this isn't a referendum on immigration so I suspect they won't be happy even if they get their way. So we could be worse off financially and still have a pissed off racist minority.
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Adam Douglas Yup. I'd actually be a little uncomfortable with living among \a majority\ of racists and xenophobes. I already struggle to identify with people enough, and I honestly wouldn't want to be counted as a member of a Pro-Brexit Britain. If it does happen, I might consider becoming a migrant myself and moving to soon-to-be-independent Scotland or Republic of Ireland. I'm a quarter Scottish and Irish, and I have some connections in France and Malta, but I never felt anything but English--until this referendum.
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Mark Dain Soon to be independent Scotland? They had a referendum on independence but it didn't pass. Love the last line though. I have friends considering leaving the UK because they no longer feel welcome with all the anti-immigration vibes now.
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