Mark Dain For the past month or so, I've been stuck with worse than average trains because a union called RMT didn't get their way over who gets to open doors (conductors or drivers) and have, for more than a month, been striking by calling in sick in sufficiently large enough numbers that the trains have been late or cancelled every day. I'm all for protesting when things are unfair but it's now at the point where I can't tolerate it anymore. I don't think I can afford to drive and its 6 PM and I'm still waiting for my connecting train. Stuff like this makes it impractical to make any plans that are dependent on me being home before 8 PM.
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Eric On the radio a while back they had a conductor who claimed to have been legibility sick off work, the presenter challenged him that conductors were claiming to be sick while healthy to cause an "unofficial" strike (which seems to be happening here). The conductor absolutely denied this and insisted that it was just coincidence so many were off sick at once. These strikes don't seem to be official, so surely the rail network can just fire all these guys for absenteeism & skiving work?
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Mark Dain I waited to see if it were a coincidence but after more than a month of constant sickness I have to wonder one very pressing question. Why isn't everyone else sick? For an outbreak like this, I'd expect passengers to be getting sick. Literally everyone who doesn't work for Southern is healthy right now. Amazing that viruses have gotten to the point where they can identify the company you work for. I hope they get fired at this point, but that would probably be illegal or something.
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