Mark Dain One of the many things I want to do in October is horseback riding. There's a weight limit of 260 lbs for this which isn't far off my weight. I don't want to do any crazy diets as they don't seem sustainable. What could be better is gradually moving to a healthier lifestyle, starting with reducing intake of sugar. As for exercise, I can't stand doing it but I love cycling. A lot of vendors sell fitness trackers which could be invaluable for knowing calories burned and so on. These include Apple Watch, Fitbit and Microsoft Band. Are any of these worth it?
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😀 Tom It takes a lot of discipline (it was much easier when I was working on a ship, harder to "cheat"), but when I was 250lb, I lost 65lb through a calorie restriction diet over the period of about 8 months (10lb a month is a safe rate). For me, it was easier to limit my calories than exercise. I only ate two meals a day, where food consisted of only 1 serving of protein (no carbs), vegetables, and water. It's not for everyone, but it worked for me.
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Mark Dain Thanks. Yeah I think no sugar, no carbs, lots of water is the way to go! I don't need to lose a huge amount of weight, just as much as possible as I don't want to try horseback riding and I end up breaking the horse's back!
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Xasasfdasfd For what it's worth (probably not much, people differ), I've had much more success tracking my caloric intake rigorously and just letting exercise take care of itself. It probably helps that I have a standing desk with a treadmill & am generally fidgety though.
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Mark Dain A standing desk with a treadmill would probably be life changing honestly! I know Linus Torvalds does that. Perhaps it's something to look into. Can you recommend a solid, sturdy standing desk? I frequently have 2-3 computers on mine so it kinda needs to be big and able to hold a lot of weight. My desk looked like this a few months ago: not pictured: my gaming PC, my other chair, my headphones and my phone.
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Martijn I have seen a lot of mixed reactions to how tell they will actually track anything of importance. However, they can work as a reminder to move. You could even just start with a more standard pedometer and set a daily step goal for yourself.
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Mark Dain My phone has some basic stats that it already collects in the background like daily steps and flights climbed. I already get >10,000 steps every day so if I need any more data it's going to be on things like heart rate while cycling and calorie counting which could be interesting to see. I also turned on some cards on the health app to start tracking water & sugar intake so I'll be more vigilant now. I'm ashamed to say it's midday and I'm already _well_ over my daily allowance of sugar :( so I'll be drinking lots of water from now on! When you stop to look, it's shocking how much sugar is in some products. Seriously...
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