Mark Dain Ok so Firefox 47 ( ) is probably going to be the last good version for some time. Firefox 48 will enable e10s which last time I tried was unforgivably buggy and unstable. I'm turning off updates (Preferences > Advanced > Update > Never check for updates) for a few versions while this smooths over. Let me know how e10s is if you choose to upgrade to 48.
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🦿 Lucian Marin You can disable it from about:config by setting browser.tabs.remote.autostart to False. Installing an ad blocker will also disable it. You can see if it's enabled on about:support page.
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Mark Dain Problem is eventually that switch will go away :(
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Xasasfdasfd e10s was an absolute shitshow when it was first introduced (45? 46? I forget). But it's actually running pretty smoothly for me in 48.0a2. Worth a look if you like FF. The bigger issue for me is the relentless march of code that will end up disabling a bunch of add-ons. They're the main reason I stick with FF. Well, that and not trusting Google as far as I could throw them. IMO Safari is a worthless piece of junk, not even worth opening.
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Asko P. I'm actually running Chrome Canary (chrome beta, or is it alpha?) as a default browser. Firefox was super awesome, but after usage for about a month or so it got unforgivably slow as dog shit. While Chrome has its ups and downs, one thing it has mostly always had is speed that doesn't decline with each usage.
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Mark Dain Canary is Chrome's nightly channel. There's Stable, Beta, Dev and Nightly/Canary: I regularly use Firefox, Chrome and Safari; I sort of hop between browsers, picking the best features from all 3. I regularly have all 3 open too, especially at work.
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