Mark Dain I think I finally figured out my issue with programming; it feels a lot like an obligation. Not just coding to pay my rent but at home I'm often finding myself writing code because someone asked me to or because I think it'll help pad my CV/resume; I have nothing interesting on GitHub at the moment. Definitely stuck in a rut here and I'm not sure what to do about it :(
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Asko P. Only code for money. When I'm not working on client projects (ideally I would never work on client projects, so I actively try to make a project to not have to do client work anymore) then I'm simply creating projects to make even more money. It's not that money itself motivates me, but if I create value for which people are willing to pay, then I feel that much better and more motivated
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Mark Dain That's good advice, I've started saying no to new projects / people asking for help and lately I've just been playing games / avoiding programming hopefully to feel less burnt out. The point about my CV/resume though is mostly as I'm trying to get a job overseas and it's hard to get noticed. I'm not even sure if a cool project even helps to be honest
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