Mark Dain PSA: Not backing up your music because you purchased it through iTunes doesn't count. I just lost an album I loved because it was pulled from the iTunes Store; I can't redownload it :(
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Nkrs How is it possible for them to take something away if you paid for it?
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Mark Dain Well, I suppose it's not possible for me to redownload the music as it's not on the servers anymore. The music worked fine on my phone but I found this as I reinstalled my Mac and just redownloaded my music library. Everything except that one album was pulled down just fine. Perhaps there's a copyright dispute or something. I don't know but as it was all public domain music, I managed to put together a playlist comprised of 2 other albums I bought that contained some of the songs.
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Martijn Two ways. The first is that you are merely "renting" or merely bought the "right to listen" not to own. That's the gaming (read: Steam) argument. Apple would probably (the second way) argue you bought the MP3 files, you did not continue paying them to keep those MP3 files save for you. If you trash the MP3 files and do not back-up them, that is not on them.
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Eric Rarely use iTunes to buy anymore, Bandcamp is my new favourite company. So easy to buy and such a great environment for bands (so I can tell). Streaming and a downloadable zip file of all the mp3s if you do buy a song or album, fantastic if you're a music "hipster".
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