Mark Dain Didn't get a loan, I ended up getting a credit card so I'll be buying tickets to Texas very soon. I'm finally going to visit!
😀 Tom Texas!?!?!? :-)
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Mark Dain So you didn't watch my periscope (I did mention this). Anyway, I'm sure I've mentioned it before? If not, I'm planning to visit some cities for 2 weeks and the country side (specifically a ranch) for a week. The plans aren't concrete but I think I have dates now fixed; it's in October
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😀 Tom No, I haven't checked out the periscope website yet, sorry. Having grown up in Texas, I can say it's an awesome place. I hope you have a good time there.
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Mark Dain Finally someone positive! Nearly all of my friends react with "omg don't go you'll get shot". I almost lost a friendship over that actually. I have no patience for people telling me what to do based on stereotypes. So current plan is Dallas, Amarillo and possibly Austin, although that may be swapped out for NY or CA. Whereabouts did you grow up?
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