Mark Dain I can't stand websites that use the secret question/answer method to recover access. I'm basically locked out of my Sainsburys account as I can't tell them what my first car was (hint: I don't drive, I could have put anything there!)
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🦿 Lucian Marin I let Chrome save and manage all my passwords. I know they encrypt them, so it's pretty safe. What I do is let others browser import everything from Chrome. I don't enable iCloud for Keychain or anything else because it makes Safari and OS X slow.
Mark Dain This site doesn't let you save passwords () but even if it did, Chrome, last I checked, doesn't let you have a master password so if it is encrypted I'm skeptical about how much security that offers.
Martijn Lately I have been writing these down in my password manager, just incase.
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Mark Dain Probably a good idea, but that reminds me, I'd be able to use password managers if the genius who built Sainsbury's website didn't make it so it won't auto fill passwords. Another stupid idea done in the name of "security"
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