Mark Dain Is it worth getting an Oculus Rift?
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Martijn Probably not. The early adopters right now pay top dollars to be early adopters, with very little gain as applications have not proven themselves in any way yet. Do you already have a strong powerhouse computer that can render games at a constant 60 FPS on 1080p and are you planning to buy a 700 USD monitor? You could consider getting an Oculus. Are you not part of that niche group? Probably wait it out for a bit.
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Mark Dain I looked up the specs for Oculus; they recommend 8GB RAM and an AMD R9 290. I have 16 GB RAM and two R9's in CrossFire ;) so I'm good for hardware (every single spec I have double or more). As for monitor, I was under the impression you didn't need one? The Oculus IS the monitor? I've heard it does add quite a bit to some games as they feel so realistic. I've been getting used to playing first person (I usually hate it) in anticipation for switching to Rift. Games I can see good with Rift; Skyrim, GTA, Watch Dogs, Any Horror Game, etc...
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