Mark Dain I have a crazy idea. Could you run a light OS that has just enough to run a VM which is your actual OS; You use the guest for everything. - The guest needs no special drivers; hardware like Wi-Fi is abstracted away to Ethernet. - You have a "hardware" firewall that malware can't disable; NAT in the VM and/or iptables on host. - You can encrypt the VM's disk if you want/need to. - The host has no services & almost no programs so virtually all infections should be contained to a VM you can roll back to a healthy snapshot. - The host almost never needs to be updated; you can't break your computer in a way you can't recover from.
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😀 Tom I'm trying Linux Mint and using different VMs as workspaces. I think it's a very good idea. I just wish I had more RAM now. So far I haven't run into any problems, but I haven't really been focused on doing too much with it right now (mainly focused on my job currently).
Mark Dain Oh that's neat! Could you share how you set this up?
Martijn Qubes OS is also build specifically round compartmentalising processes through VMs, IIRC. That might be interesting to look at too.
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Mark Dain Thanks, I'll check it out; another thing I haven't heard of. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has had this thought pattern!
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🏒 Lucian Marin You can try this setup by installing Ubuntu Minimal ( and one or more virtual machines on top of it. You might need to install some video card drivers, otherwise I don't think the virtual machine can display pretty UI graphics.
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Mark Dain The host OS would probably be comprised of Linux, drivers, systemd and Xen. What drivers is everything you'd need the guest to do, like networking and graphics. I'm not sure if a GUI is needed on the host to pass it over to the guest. If it is, I'd want something like, X11 without a window manager, if that's even possible. I'm thinking of building a base from Arch or Gentoo for this
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Cyberdog This is basically what CoreOS is, no?
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Mark Dain I've never come across CoreOS, thanks, I'll check it out
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