🏒 Lucian Marin -- check if it's possible to add photo albums to Sublevel.
Mark Dain You just post a link, right? There's no support for photo albums ... Yet?
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🏒 Lucian Marin It's just a public reminder based on 's idea: #19001. I really should investigate the possibility. Photos won't appear on home feed, but inside an album -- your album. I just want high quality stuff here, not the every day Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram garbage images. It will probably will be a paid feature or enabled only for photographers. I can make an Instagram clone, but I don't think it will last too much. Anyway, it's hard to maintain two sites at once and I don't want to give up on Sublevel. All I want is the possibility to post my best photographs in a cool place.
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Mark Dain I really appreciate that you have the discipline to not add stuff unless it makes sense. Sublevel is light and clean partly because you didn't add everything you could possibly add and then some. Have you thought about making a simple page on your site with a grid of photos? Shouldn't be more than a day or so of work. I'm not sure restricting such a feature is fair though; what about garbage text posts? I think as a community we need ways to report spam and deal with junk in our own way -- after all, one man's garbage is another man's treasure (my Twitter feed is full of pictures of pickup trucks, for instance).
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John Olinda What if it was a rolling set of pictures? So after you reach the maximum number, old ones are deleted. That would prevent it from taking too much space on the server as well. Maybe sixteen per user? Then people can add photos to their portfolio as often as they want while it's still presented neatly. Not an endless stream.
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😀 Tom Maybe rate limit the ability to post pictures? Also, NEVER do any "sharing" ability like Facebook; that perpetuates crap. I think if you rate limit the ability, you don't need to restrict it based on hobby/profession (like photography). Sure you could monetize it (I understand that), or maybe just monetize the ability to post more than the standard rate limit. If it wasn't related to my profession (ie advertising), I probably wouldn't pay to post any images. Edit: Maybe the rate limit could be once per week, and then once per day (23 hours, gives a window to post around the same time each day) for paying users or photographers.
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