Mark Dain There's a lot of things I'd like to do next year, which includes making vlogs, which I'm pretty new to. Would like feedback on my first shot at this: (includes subtitles if you find my voice hard to listen to!)
Chris Gower I had a go at making a vlog. I've been blogging since 2002, so I thought it would be a simple extension of this process. But it really is something else isn't it? There is quite a process behind creating a really good vlog. Do you watch a lot of other vlogs?
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Mark Dain Not too many, but I did recently start watching SuperCarlinBrothers who do some vlogging on top of general videos/entertainment. NigaHiga and Veritasium do the odd vlogging video too. I watch a lot of YouTube but never had the urge to do videos myself. Mostly doing vlogging as I'd like to get better at video and speaking more clearly (I find it harder than writing for getting my thoughts across)
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