Mark Dain What's everyone doing for 2016? I'm going to try to follow this list:
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Adam Douglas I'm just going to work. Get promoted. Delegate. Fix results of delegated assignments. Occasionally sleep. See if Perl 6 is anything less than pointless. Possibly work on some Erlang project to learn the language. That's it.
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Mark Dain Yeah I'm tempted to learn Erlang, or the reboot project, Elixir, which I believe is an easier Erlang that runs on the Erlang VM
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😀 Tom Interesting. That's a long list when you including the bullet points. Is there anything specifically you're going to try?
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Mark Dain I found it too hard to cut the list down and when I added the things I'd like to do (e.g. learn to drive), it's about the same length. Realistically I could axe a few (like learning Blender), but most of it is stuff I genuinely want to do anyway. See
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